Imagine the Possibilities

Tirta Bundar

It is an extensive area in the middle of Sunsetfalls Gardens and Resort. It can be used for many activities or shows. It provides 2 seat locations with artificial waterfall and fish pond that will complement the enjoying sceneries and shows experiences.

Cerita Kita Kafe and Eatery

A café with modern design interior located in the mountain with 16-22 C temperature and 1378m above the sea level. Surrounded by 5 mountains, this café has best spot to enjoy the sunset in Magelang and for taking photos for sure.

Le Jardin Restaurant (coming soon)

A unique designed restaurant that bring garden concept full decorated with various plants and flowers. Besides magnificent indoor design, this restaurant also provides outdoor area where the guests are able to relish the sunset among the 5 mountains.

Sunsetfalls Garden

A garden that is providing various flowers that is able to make feast the guest’s eyes on it. T is able to be photo spot with beloved friends, someone special and family. With ….m area, this garden is completed with extensive grass field that can be used for outdoor activities.